SUPSI Department of Innovative Technologies

The Department of Innovative Technologies focuses on applied engineering sciences, mainly in the industrial sector, and on technological and IT services for both training and research purposes.

The Department conducts a significant amount of applied research and technology transfer to businesses, by means of its 5 resarch institutes, 20 specialised laboratories and about 250 researchers. This helps to raise the level of competitiveness of the local and Swiss economy.
The excellent quality of this research makes the Department a reference point for the economic business of the region, known also at federal and international level.

The Department is strongly active in the AM sector through different of its research institutes and labs in the areas of ceramic, polymeric and metal materials, new processes and machine tools, innovative products and services, in various industrial sectors, particularly in the medtech and aerospace industries.
General Information
Company size
500+ employees
Founded in
Manno, Switzerland
Contact Person: Prof Marco Colla

Galleria 2
Via Cantonale 2C
6928 Manno

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