Production engineering colloquium

Production engineering colloquium: "New manufacturing technologies in the AM-sector".

The following four presentations are programmed:

  • Additive manufacturing of medium to larger scale compressor components - Dr. Thomas Bauer, MAN
  • Application of the Cold Metal Transfer process for Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing - Maicol Fabbri, inspire
  • AM with Ceramics: State-of-the-art and recent Advance - Fabrizio Verga, inspire
  • Advanced manufacturing by inkjet technology -  Fritz Bircher


Date: Wednesday, December 9th / 14.15 - 17.40 
Location: Elektrotechnikgebäude ETH Zürich, Hörsaal ETZ E8, Gloriastrasse 35, 8092 Zürich 
Program: Link
Registration: not required

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