Welcome to AM-Network

Additive Manufacturing (also called 3D printing) has large innovation and differentiation potential for the Swiss industry. To realize innovative applications, companies need to resolve challenges around data generation, production and post-processing.

The National Thematic Network (NTN) Additive Manufacturing Network supports you in finding the right research partners to resolve these challenges. We provide you with the AM-Network Member Finder, an interactive tool to search through Swiss research institutes around Additive Manufacturing.

Who are we?

The commission for technology and innovation (CTI) supports promising technologies in national thematic networks (NTNs). They are connecting research and industry to enable innovation. From 1.1.2017, CTI is supporting an NTN for 3D printing: The Additive Manufacturing Network (short AM-Network). This is an important step to foster 3D printing adoption in Switzerland.

Celebrate with us the start of AM-Network on the 20th of September

We will celebrate the start of the AMNetwork at the evening event of the AM-Expo in Lucerne on the 20th of September. We would be happy if you join us. Send us an email on contact@amnetwork.ch to get a free invitation.

What is the potential of Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing can create value in the following six fields of application:



Speed up product development.


Support Parts

Improve efficiency in production through support parts.


Bridge manufacturing

Fast production of small quantities of new products in order to launch them before investing in tools.


Better products

Development and production of lighter, flow-optimized and better integrated products.


More customized products

Customize parts to meet individual customer needs.


Cheaper, faster or more flexible supply chain

On-demand and on-location production in small lot sizes.

How can the Additive Manufacturing Network support me in realizing this potential?

You think Additive Manufacturing has innovation and differentiation potential for your company? Contact us and we support you to find the right research partner to realize this potential: